Water pollution, refineries and oil spills in the Caribbean Sea

During the Industrial Revolution, Europe suffered great changes .The economic system based on agricultural and craft activities transformed into one based upon manufacturing machines in factories. This revolution altered the social life in Europe and the World. The change was evident in the first part of XIX Century. In Europe, lifestyles changed greatly. At the beginning, people saw the revolution as progress. Its position was verified with a movement called “impressionism” where fascinating artists began to paint different portraits or pictures, some of them put a machine as a representation of progress in the painting’s background. After which, their routine changed and their stress levels rose. 

As the Industrial Revolution continued, the exploitation of natural resources intensified, as it sought to take advantage, to the extent that resource utilisation is at today. The exploitation of these natural resources has been abusive, and it has endangered their existence. These reasons created the need to implement a program to stop this abuse, a program based on sustainable development.

Based on these needs, the United Nations (UN) created a concept of sustainable development. The UN described it as: “A development to satisfy current needs, securing natural resources without danger and keeping them for future generations to attend to their own needs”


The problem is that this exploitation of natural resources caused the current situation: exploitation of natural resources has caused the present pollution situation that extends to water and air contamination. Air pollution has been produced by a variety of methods (factories, machines, steamboats, to mention some of them).

The majority of water bodies (lakes, rivers, oceans, seas) are being damaged by pollution. The main contributors to pollution are tourism, nuclear containers and big cities that have diverted rivers, exploited underground reservoirs, and industrial waste.

I believe that the oceans, specifically the Caribbean Sea, have been most affected by pollution. This is because they are the most used routes to transport products from other continents, like Europe. These oceans are very important for Latin American nations. From them, the population is able to obtain fish, one of the most important food resources in several Latin American countries, and in my opinion, oil spills have made the water heavily polluted, which stops the ability to fish. Taking away the fisherman’s economy, or sometimes affecting healthy populations is something that is not in our hands. These consequences come from the practices of oil refineries, and container ships that transport the world’s goods in today’s economy. 


7 thoughts on “Water pollution, refineries and oil spills in the Caribbean Sea

  1. Its unbelievable that even though the sea is one of our most valuable resources we pollute it in that way. The pretroleoum industry is necessary for the development of many goods that are necesssary in our socoiety and as source of power and energy. But I think is time fo us to find a develop new sources of energy because as you said in your essay this industry is one of the main responsables fo water pollution.

  2. I do consider that being part of a certain type of “hot” commerce area is not a sufficient excuse for big enterprises to justify their “accidents” because in the long term it is going to bring terrible consequences not only for that region but for all of the world population.

  3. its really sad that we don’t take care of something so wonderful and valuable as it is the sea, and that the big companies destroy it in favor of their interest.

  4. Like Daniela says, I think that is sad to see how we damage ourselfs and how some industries don’t care the enviroment, I think that government should be more strict and and there should be stricter regulations about the sea trade, because we need to act rapidly in order to prevent worst enviromental issues.

  5. I liked how you united the problem of the enviroment with the economic problem of the oil spils, some times thats the only way to make changes in our now a days society.

  6. As unfortunate as oil spills are, they are a natural consequence of an economy based upon fossil fuels. It would be impossible to enjoy the style of life that we maintain in the 21st century without risking polluting our environment. My personal opinion is that, however tragic the pollution and destruction of natural habitats is, the economic and social benefits of capitalism have justified the occasional problem

  7. Its impressive how humans take all the natural resources on earth for granted, putting the economy before our planet, health and future is a mistake we will regret in some years.

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