Destroying our most precious treasure.

During the Industrial Revolution, there was a huge exploitation of natural and human resources. With all the technological advances the pollution started to affect the environment and the people’s quality of life. One of the resources that was most affected was water. Since the Industrial Revolution spread all around the world, this non sustainable mentality has been growing in our society. Unfortunately Mexico is a country in process of development and although some European countries have taken measures for reducing their impact in the environment, Mexico has a long way to go.

 Image Regarding water pollution, there are plenty of places that are severally damaged in Mexico. I have my own experience visiting someplaces that made me reflect about this topic. Three years ago my family and I went to Chiapas on summer vacations. Wewere very excited because this state is well known because of its natural wonders and diversity. We visited the “Chiflon” waterfalls and the canyon of “El Sumidero”. Words can not describe how beautiful and majestic these places are. Unfortunately instead of being cared for as the wonders they are, the first thing we noticed was that people were able to cook and make fireplaces next to the waterfall. The canyon that the government built for protecting natural wildlife and flora, known as the Natural Reserve, was abandoned and all you could see in the shore was trash.  On our way home we stopped in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz and we couldn’t get to the sea because all along the coast the water was polluted with residual pollutants.

According to the statistics nowadays we generate 6.7 billion cubic meters of residual water annually. It is expected that this quantity will increase to 9.2 billion by 2030. For having a proper infrastructure to treat residual water; the government must invest 114 million pesos before 2030. Of course this is not an easy target. If we want to achieve this goal and improve our water conditions we have to reinforce the legal system and enforce the law strictly on those who pollute our environment.

Mexican society has not fully visualized the huge problem that comes from polluting water. The lack of respect to the environment and other ways of life only will take us to our own destruction. We must stop behaving like we are the only ones on this planet and that natural resources will be always available. Saving water today and treating our residual waters could save us tomorrow. As Lord Baden Powell says in his scout decalogue “leave this world better than how you found it”.


By Montserrat Arellano


11 thoughts on “Destroying our most precious treasure.

  1. Good Article,
    I agree with your idea that Mexico still has a long way to go in order to preserve most of it’s natural resources or national parks, specially after knowing that Mexico should invest 114 million pesos in order to achieve this goal because right now there’s been plenty debates regarding on how to get more money and I’m sure they are not expending it on these type of issues.

    • First, I really think that it should be a priority to find new sources of energy, as you mentioned in your article the petroleoum industry is terribly administrated and the reforms are “for giving legitimacy” to Peña Nieto´s governement.
      2nd. As I exposed on my article the water conditions on Mexico are no longer sustainable, we will find ourselves fighting with each other for a glass of pure water in a not too distant future. The investment I mentioned should be carried out as soon as possible. The problem is that the government has other interests and does not want to fight with the elite groups involved in the pollution of water.
      3rd. Once the water is treated we will solve the problem of shortage in the north regions of the country and some others in our own state.
      4th. As I have read in other articles the deforestation in Mexico is also a big problem and I think the government should also do something about it.
      Talking about regions: The whole country is pretty messed up.I mean we can see that the bad infrastructure in several states of the Nation lead to massive floods the last month.Some of the floods were also caused because opf the garbage in the draining canals. As I said our natural resources and protected areas are not “that protected”. In the center of the country, specifically Edo. de México, we are at one step of exploding in our own garbage and residual water. I dont even think about the seas surrounding our main ports.
      So Memo I hope I answered your questions,as you can see we have plenty of ecological issues and unless everybody collaborates we will continue in the same vicious circle.

  2. I totally agree with the idea exposed in the article about people’s unconcern about the problem that water pollution represents. Even the government is still unaware about the importance of investing more in solutions for the problem, yet, the problem is not only in authorities’ hands, we as citizens have to demand so that we can be heard and by those means, find a solution to the situation.

  3. I agree with you, water is the most essencial substance for life and if we dont take apropiate mesures to protect it we will be in a thight spoot in a couple of years

  4. This articles is one of the best that I read, one of the best examples that we can see that is corrupted is the natural wonders like “El Sumidero” Canyon, it’s illogical that if this wonder is one of the main reasons that Mexico has tourism it has been left to be polluted, we need to be concerned that if we don’t take care of this “wonders” the tourism will break and it would affect directly to the Mexican Economy.
    Daniela S. G.

  5. Good article, I agree with you, one year ago I went to Chiapas and despite that is beautiful, I could notice all what you mention, a lot of garbage in the main tourist attractions. It was kind of sad when I went to canyon of “El Sumidero” and I remember the crocodiles hidden under the garbage that was in the water. And not only in the canyon, in almost all the waterfalls that are tourist attraction, and I could not understand how the people can littering. I think that mexican people need a better awareness culture.

  6. The example that you used to explain the article was very interesting and I agree with you about Mexico´s problems with the security of natural reserves. Nice way to point things out.

  7. Sadly Mexico is in no position to implement reduction to its CO2 emission for its place on the world would be compromissed, the option to reduce its pollutants has to be made b the super powers with an alread stable economy that wont suffer that much by reduction laws, if implemented in mexico it would destroy all of its economy.

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