Deforestation of many wooded areas, how new energy sources consume our planet

As we all know the Industrial Revolution (IR) significantly changed the lives of millions of people. When it started the new machinery provoked an evolution that everyone was aware of.  A new era had begun.  It also had an impact on the way people thought. There was also an environmental impact on the planet, and I will talk about it in a more specific case, here in Mexico. As we all know one of the impacts of the IR was pollution. This happened because of all the waste that was left in the use of railways. Factories where involved not only in airborne emissions but land and water pollution as well.  This happened because of mass production, which also involved mass deforestation of many wooded areas, that before were part of a natural balance.  



Mexico also had a significant population growth. This was important because the greater the population, the more waste was produced. To clarify the point given, all the demand present in that moment brought an overproduction that generated tons and tons of chemical waste among other things. There was also a draining in many natural resources such as coal mining, gold mining, and different kinds of mining, caused again by overproduction and not making certain long term plans for sustainability,. Throughout the years the draining in basic natural resources such as water and air has diminished their respective qualities, whilst some fume extractors contained certain toxic particles and again they didn’t have a long term plan for sustainability.

Many years later sustainable development became a key policy in the case of Mexico. The deforestation was prohibited by law except in certain times of the year. Specifically, when the time came for chopping down the wooded areas, it was obligatory by law to plant an equal quantity of trees in that area and then let it grow again for a couple of years. This was the case in Ajusco, a part of Mexico City, and many others. Another important part in the sustainable development was the research carried out amongst the best universities in Mexico in order to understand what exactly Mexico needed, to keep obtaining natural resources without exhausting them and to promote renewable sources.

Another breakthrough in the modern Industrial Revolution was the extraction of oil. This event came along with eco-friendly machinery, thinking and processes, such as free PVC machinery and non gasoline motors for them (Solar cells), cardboard packaging, and new fuel sources such as ethanol and wind energy.


By Daniel Del Salto


11 thoughts on “Deforestation of many wooded areas, how new energy sources consume our planet

  1. I think deforestation is one of the most important problems we are facing.I would liked that you had shared some of the measures the universities have taken in order to have a more sustainable developmnent. And as you said in general terms I agree with you in the way that Mexico has not achieve a good ecological mentality.

  2. Deforestation with water pollution, are two famous problems that have been quite heard but despite that, the problem is still causing more severe consequences instead of diminishing them. I insist that Mexico and the whole world needs to create an ecological culture since early ages, so that future generations can transmit ecological knowledge to other generations and cause a magno positive impact in the environment.

  3. It is really interesting because it is an issue that has not only hit certain regions but all of the world for the main enterprises do not have any type of stoppage and henceforth the deforestation increases. And also, Mexico needs a reform regarding natural resources right now because as you establish in you article, the government needs to be cautious on how much it is going to explode the resources .

  4. I liked your article basically because you’ve proven that making rigurous regulations by law can help the country to achieve the objective of being way more eco-friendly, specially because of the importance that trees have particularly in Mexico City.

    I also believe that it is an excellent opportunity for the government to learn from this research that the universities made in order to achieve in a more efficient way the sustainable development so wanted by different countries, although I would have liked to know what sort of measures did the universities suggest, because they may be very good solutions but the problem here is that if they are or they are not doable having in mind the fact that if Mexico has the tools for making sustainable development happen.

    Good article, though.

  5. I liked a lot. I like your topic, because the deforestation is one of the most common and serious problem in the world. Also is a problem that some people forget and don’t take care for it. I think that we should learn about different ways to correct, and apply the solutions that some of the most important countries use.

  6. Truly the minning of coal and other minerals was one of the greatest pollution agent of that time and now a days we still feel the impact of those activities

  7. The draining of natural resources is a serious problem for it destroy a lot of wild life, animal and plants. without booth the natural diversity of our world is on extreme danger and every day we loose more like the Amazona forest and even here the deforestation is going on incredibly fast

  8. This is a very important problema in Mexico because we are growing rapidly and we are constantly chopping trees for build constructions, as you said is a big problem that ended up in tragic disasters like landslides because of the lack of trees. Nice article

  9. I agree with the point of deforestation problem, and the issue of population growth and the relation with the trash we produce.

  10. I do think that we need more technology to prevent and to diminsh the pollution and to reinforce the new sustaianble resources to help the problen and it was also a great theme beacuse no one told it

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