Could the Industrial Revolution be a reason for the environmental problems we are experiencing nowadays?

The Industrial Revolution had important consequences throughout the world.  There was an increase in production, transportation become more efficient, whilst ecological problems also occurred. The Industrial Revolution introduced the process of production using machines and tools driven by new energy sources produced from solid fuels, this in turn led to their consumption increasing. The effects of the combustion of these products gradually began to exert their effects on the biosphere. Furthermore we must understand the effects of “urban phenomenon”, these led to damage to natural systems and increasing environmental pollution, derived from forms of energy that heavily polluted the environment to which human society is subject.


Situations such as erosion, desertification, deforestation and loss of biodiversity are intimately linked with ecological problems and are the result of several factors that have to do with how we have handled renewable natural resources and natural factors. Also one of the most important problems nowadays is overpopulation. During the past 60 years, the population in Mexico has grown five times. In 1950 there were 25.8 million people, in 2010 it was 112 300 000.

I want to emphasize this problem because this is linked with the seven environmental problems we face in 2013. Overpopulation inhibits equitable distribution of food and water and nobody wants to talk about resource depletion. Mexico has grown significantly in recent years and this has brought consequences: there is not enough space for people to live and this causes deforestation. Our woods and fields are no longer used for agriculture and this also affects biodiversity. We might have enough space to live but what about our food and water which are our main resource to live? Also there is another problem in Mexico which affects our country: water scarcity. This environmental problem affects more people than any other and is considered one of the most serious, because without water, we would simply all die.

As a conclusion, thanks to this research about the main problems in our country I notice that all of them are linked and if we confront one we can counter all the rest.


By Valeria Conde


18 thoughts on “Could the Industrial Revolution be a reason for the environmental problems we are experiencing nowadays?

  1. I think that the statement in which you establish that the woods and fields in Mexico are no longer used for agriculture is in fact mistaken because although agriculture is in a sever crisis due to the lack of support from the government, it is there, present. So, I would recommend you to verify that statement and specifically check that the agriculture in Mexico is sustained by the planting of Marihuana.

  2. I like it, si really interés tic and clear, You express in a easy way to undertand. And You are taking in count a topic than is really important for us.

  3. Although all the problems presented here are relevant, I would have like a proposal for a resolution because this problems exist out of necessity and should be addressed in a careful manner.

  4. I found really interesting the problem that we have with water. Even though it is not a new problem, we are still acting as if water would never be missing. I think something has to be done so that people can be cocerned about the problem and do something about it.

  5. Over all the consequences industrial revolution left us, over population is one of the most threatening ones. In Mexico city it has become a very big issue. Thinking about the bad administration of resources and its iminent shortage in the folowing years, overpopulation is something that we have to reduce like right now. And as you said it is not an isolated problem it is linked with many others and if we do not do something to reduce the birthrate of our country we will have to later on fight with each other to satisfy our basic needs.

  6. I found interesting the part in where water becomes essential for us to live. Although this problem is not new, people is still doing nothing to solve it.
    I think we need to be more conscious about the problem and start doing something so that future generations can take advantage of this valuable natural resource.

  7. An interesting article! The debate over whether the benefits of industrialisation and globalisation outweigh the environmental damage is a tricky one. Would people these days stop flying on holiday, or give up their HD televisions for a nice environment? Somehow I doubt it! Although it’s clear we are damaging the environment with our practices, I believe human nature is reluctant to limit it’s own use of resources. For this reason, until we can develop sustainable forms of production and energy, we will continue damaging the environment.

  8. I do really like the article, you mention some interesting things such as the overpopulation and how it affects the environment I strongly believe that they are all linked and we need to unite as a country to help the environment.
    Daniela S. G.

  9. I really like your post, I think that you joined many of the major problems that happen in our country, would be good that you put a solution or some regulations to stop the problem (just an opinion), but in general I liked so much

    • I really like your post, I think that you joined many of the major problems that happen in our country, would be good that you put a solution or some regulations to stop the problem (just an opinion), but in general I liked so much
      Linett Vite

  10. First of all, answering your question both before and after reading your essay I would say that no, the industrial is not the reason that we have environmental problems nowadays. I wouldn’t even count it as a reason.

    Basically, because it’s been 200 years since the industrial revolution took place, so I guess it’s been enough time to solve the problem. I would rather say that the problem is negligence. Because we could’ve taken care of the problem long ago or just follow with discipline protocols such as the Kyoto Protocol or the Montreal Protocol in order to reduce CO2 emissions, for example.

    Then, you mention another problem, which is overpopulation. We make lots of garbage and, sadly, there’s a lack of environmental education in Mexico. So I would propose to promote taking care of the environment not only in schools but to really approach the people, because they have tried to do it through the children, but it’s different what you do at school from what you do at home or in the streets so they should teach parents how to teach their children to take care of the environment with stuff as simple as putting the garbage in the bin or closing water taps or no having every light turned on at home. Overpopulation+Lack of enviromental education= Environmentally uneducated overpopulation.

    So basically, I think that the industrial revolution may have triggered some facts to have environemally polluted societies, but I did not have to stay like that. We had the power to change it, and if it’s not too late maybe we stil can.

    • Jorge, I’m sorry but your arguments are confusing for me. I am assuming you know the meaning of “negligence”, since we didn’t do anything to solve the problems caused by the Industrial Revolution, then, wouldn’t that mean those problems are in fact, caused by it? I don’t believe you really think environmental problems just solve themselves with time, if this is the case, I would recommend you search for stadistics about how our environment is getting worse, I think you would be interested in the fact that it would take several years for the planet to heal “himself” even if we completely shut down every activity we have.

      Although it is true there is a lack of education in Mexico regarding environmental issues, I can’t undersand how you thought that was related with the overpopulation problem adressed in this article, if anything, you should perhaps talk about “safe sex” education.

      The question in this article is “COULD THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION BE A REASON FOR THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS WE ARE EXPERIENCING NOWADAYS?”, it is not whether we can still do something for the environment or not. You say it “may have triggered” which, and correct me if I’m wrong, means YES it COULD be a reason for the environmental problems.

  11. I really like the way you join the Industrial Revolution to the problem, and the solution that you gave to the problem is really interesting. I also want to point that the way you focus to the problem was great and the answers that you gave were seriously optimistic.

  12. Its pretty clear that we the people are eating away our planet, and we have to stop this before it is to late to recover the seas and forests

  13. The problem with population grow is that it requires more and more land for crops and the earth isnt getting any bigger, and we are in the need to use forest lands in order for food production leading to global warming and deforestation.

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