Water pollution, a problem that involves everyone.

Let’s start with some facts. In 1975 there were 32 polluted aquifers, 10 years later were 80 and by 2010 the number increased to 105.

This is a big problem in Mexico, because these polluted aquifers caused the deaths of 1277 children in 2010, due to polluted water provoking deadly intestinal infections.

Most of these aquifers are rivers that are polluted with industrial and dangerous waste.

All of this polluted water travels to the seas, and obviously it becomes polluted with all of these awful wastes. In 2009, around 338 beaches were monitored and 99% of them had unacceptable pollution levels.

In my opinion this is a big bad problem, because as time passes these aquifers are getting more and more polluted and the problem increases.         When are we going to attack this problem? Until our beaches are very polluted and we are unable swim or even enter the water?


But the solution is not entirely in the hands of the authorities. They can make changes, however the real change must be amongst the minds of the people and our culture of waste disposal. I don’t know why Mexican people are so careless with their own environment, with the place in which we live. People don’t seem to care when they throw garbage on the floor and they trigger floods, but they care when the floods cause damage to their homes, and they claim the problem is provoked by our government.

People need to start thinking first about their actions, that they themselves are causing all of these troubles. People don’t care about their pollution of rivers, they are happy to throw garbage without thinking about all of the problems they are causing. They only think about their own satisfaction because they are lazy, they don’t want to take the garbage to a correct place.

This is a big problem, and I believe it needs to be attacked with our own actions. We must stop thinking only about ourselves and think more about the problems that we are causing with our own, inconsiderate actions.


11 thoughts on “Water pollution, a problem that involves everyone.

  1. I agree with you, the situation of the water resources in Mexico is just unacceptable. I had read that almost 70% of the water available for human consumption is polluted! If you live in Mexico at least once in your life you get sick because of eating something polluted with residual water. And as you said the real problem is that people do not care. In our mexican society very few are informed about the enviornmental damage in our country and even though some know about it they do nothing to change their conditions. We still think that we have many years to change and that the problem is ” not that bad” .The reality is that we are sinking in a sea of issues. And I agree with you no matter how hard the authorities try to implement programs or do reforms, if we as society do not care there is no way we can make a real change.

  2. I totally agree that people have in their hands the power to demand authorities new laws to protect the environment. We put in danger of extinction many aquatic species because of water pollution, if one specie would not exist any more, then the food chain could be unbalanced and huge repercussions in the environment could create other problems.

  3. I totally agree with you.
    We can say that the government have to do something but the real change is in our hands.
    Nice job 🙂

  4. I loved how you pointed out that change starts individually and thus becomes a collective action, and this should not just be left in the hands of government, as we often do as Mexicans.

  5. I think that is kind of strong what you say, but is true. The government must provide us the basic resources, but also is our responsibility to take care of them, I’m completely agree with you, I think that the government has implemented a lot of solutions and but they cannot be complete if we as society don’t help.
    Good work.

  6. I liked the point that not only the government has to work in order to regulate the pollution of the rivers and sea, but that it needs a change of mind from the people

  7. The way you talk was really interesting, i loved that you talk with facts, and you gave a great opinion of the problem. I agree about your solution, we can´t hope that government could do all for us, we also need to focus in our problems. You made us focus in the water pollution problems, and in my opinion there were really great the examples that you gave us.

  8. I agree, the problem is not caused by the government, but rather by a lack of enviromental eductacion an the lack of respect for the nature.

  9. I totally agree with you for a fact most of the flooding that occurs in the city is provoked by all the garbage that is thrown away by all the popullation

  10. Its impressive how many children deaths happens even now where we live by strict water purification control, but even though the lack of education and delibarate pollution takes its tool on the water sources.

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