Cuautitlán Izcalli, suffering from considerable pollution.

As we all know the Industrial Revolution had an impact all over the world and helped change how the rest of history developed. To start I would like to emphasize how it affected Mexico, but firstly it is important to recognise that the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain. Mexico was originally an agricultural economy but this changed with the Industrial Revolution. The use of machinery was new; Mexicans didn’t know how to properly use the machinery, and this provoked a lot of uncertainty. As a result, the things that didn’t function anymore where thrown away or abandoned. I will know focus more on a specific part of Mexico called The State of Mexico. As I mentioned the problem with the Industrial Revolution was that people did not know to deal with industrial waste. A clear example exists in the State of Mexico with the Lake of Guadalupe and the river that passes beside the “Mexico-Queretaro” highway. These two large bodies of water contain the majority of industrial waste and regular waste in Cuautilán Izcalli. The industrial waste and the garbage of the area is visible for all to see. This has caused the Lake of Guadalupe to dry up by around 35%. Furthermore, the river next to the highway has caused the spreading of many diseases in these communities and an unhealthy environment for the population.


In my opinion one of the best solutions to eradicate or moderate the impact of the Industrial Revolution nowadays is to promote environmental education among the population of the State of Mexico, to make campaigns, and to provide better rubbish collecting services.  In the long term the area in which they live could be at risk not only by the pollution, but also by waterborne diseases such as cholera, dengue, and botulism and other diseases which are characteristically suffered in Mexico. Another solution would be legislation, with that we could regulate the problem and perhaps in the long term we could eradicate it.

The Federal Government of Mexico, through the Secretariat of the Environment, Natural Resources and Fishing (SEMARNAP), has sole jurisdiction over those acts that effect two or more states, acts that include hazardous waste, and procedures for the protection and control of acts that can cause environmental damage or serious emergencies to the environment. The Secretariat’s main activities are to make environmental policy and enforce it; assist in urban planning; develop rules and technical standards for the environment; grant (or deny) licenses, authorizations and permits; decide on environmental impact studies; and grant opinions on and assist the states with their environmental programs. This Secretariat enforces the law, regulations, standards, rulings, programs and limitations issued by it through the National Environment Institute and the Federal Attorney Generalship of Environmental Protection (“PROFEPA”).


By Daniela Soriano Gómez


10 thoughts on “Cuautitlán Izcalli, suffering from considerable pollution.

  1. Dealing with wastes has always been an ecological problem, even until nowadays. And also ecological education is not that famous among mexican people. I think this education should be implemented since early ages to start creating an ecological culture.

  2. Since I am a denizen from that municipio as well, I would want to know what has the current president made to avoid any type of hazard to the environment of Cuautitlán because for example the case of Lago de Guadalupe just worsens as every day passes.

  3. It’s sad to see that these lakes are disappearing because of our fault but it’s sadder to see that the government doesn’t solve the problem.

    Great job!

  4. I really liked your article. I did not know Lago de Guadalupe was so polluted. The same happens in other municipios, for example the “San Javier ” river in Atizapan is a river located in a residencial zone but full of residual water. It is incredible that people do not only accept to live near such conditions but also that they do not nothing to change their enviornment. They are “ok” as long as those conditions do not affect them directly. Is just unbelieavble because what people do not understand is that in the future that kind of pollution will start killing equally all members of the society.

  5. This kind of problems are usual in México, sometimes they seems to be normal, that shouldn’t be in that way, but I think this happens due to poor planning of the state, because cases how the lago the guadalupe are common. There was a poor planing since the first governments in the state of mexico, I think that this bad adinistratión has brought a lot of enviromental problemas

  6. I liked your article because you are talking about a specific part of the state and I think that when one start giving little examples produce that people started to compare with the thing that are near to them to see what it happen in their community and that is a common problem and we need to start to do something.

  7. Ever since the industrial revolutions they noticed that trowing waste into the rivers caused the water life to get lower and diseases to spread, althought on mexico we pay little attention to this I agree, education is the way to go

  8. You talk about a common problem in Mexico, and I like how you focus to an specific place, and you point us the problem. The way you linked problems and how you make your opinion was really great. I agree with your belief of an environmental education to prevent the diseases you pointed in the article.

  9. I liked that you talked about the branch of the government that i working in order to help us clean and protect our water sources such as lago de guadalupe.

  10. Maybe recycling instead of better rubisch collection would be an even better way to proctec lakes like the Lake of Guadalupe and many other over contaminated areas.

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